Your carpet takes a lot of punishment. You, your family, friends, and pets all walk on the carpet, sometimes with dirty shoes or muddy paws. At the same time, food and beverages are spilled onto carpets leaving stains and odors. The best way to restore the beauty of your carpets is with expert carpet cleaning in Kansas City. You will be surprised how wonderful your home will look and smell after getting the carpets professionally cleaned.

High-Quality Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City

When you want to ensure that your carpet is restored to its original beauty and luster it is essential to get professional carpet cleaning in Kansas City. Choose a carpet cleaning company that has the experience and expertise to handle all types of cleaning and restoration projects. You may notice that your carpet has noticeable dirt in high traffic paths and there may also be stains from food, beverage spills, or pets. These can be handled and removed as long as you bring them to the attention of the carpet technician before cleaning begins.

Move as much of your furniture as possible before the technician arrives at your home. This will allow the technicians to spend most of their time preparing and cleaning the carpeting. Make sure that you follow the directions provided after cleaning is complete. Typically, you can start putting your furniture back in place shortly after the carpet cleaning. However, with some heavier pieces of furniture, it may be best to wait a longer period of time to put them back in place.

Do not allow people or pets to walk on the freshly cleaned carpet for a short period of time. You need to ensure that it is completely dry before it is walked on. If your carpet isn’t dry yet, use fans to circulate the air to aid the drying process and walk only on protected areas. Follow the instructions provided by the technician.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

We love our pets and they are part of our families but they can cause stains and odors in our carpeting. If your pet has an accident the best thing to do is try to remove as much of it as possible before it dries. Use a mild detergent to clean the stain. You can also try using a cleaner and disinfectant that is specifically designed to eliminate pet odors. However, removing a pet stain should be completed by a professional service that specializes in carpet cleaning in Kansas City.

The entire carpet will be cleaned but it is especially important to show the technician any particular areas of concern. If the carpet has strong pet odors it may require the use of special products. Additionally, you may want to consider getting your carpet sanitized and deodorized. Even the most stubborn pet odors can usually be removed with professional treatment. Call D & S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists today to schedule an appointment.

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