Mold is a naturally occurring substance that is typically found outdoors. When you have a flood or a leaky pipe the warm damp conditions can cause mold to grow in your home. Mold is a hazardous substance that can continue to spread if conditions are right. There are many types of mold. An expert in mold removal in Springfield, Missouri like D & S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists will examine the area and get rid of mold in a safe manner.

What Causes Mold to Be Dangerous?

Mold is made up of thousands of tiny spores. As the mold dies it dries on the surface. When you disturb mold all of the microscopic spores are loosened and released into the air that you breathe. Mold spores get into your lungs where they can cause breathing problems and a variety of illnesses and diseases. One of the most dangerous things about mold is that you may not experience symptoms for months or years following exposure. Mold is hazardous to all living beings including humans and pets.

What Does Mold Look Like?

Mold is usually dark green or black in color and may have some areas that look like little dots. Upon further inspection you may notice that it is concentrated in certain areas with areas of lesser concentration on the outside perimeter. This means that the mold is likely growing and expanding. If you find mold do not touch it. Instead, leave it undisturbed and call an expert for mold removal in Springfield, Missouri. Mold may be in areas where flood waters receded or in places such as under the sink where there is a leaky pipe.

How Can I Remove Mold?

You should not try to remove mold on your own. It requires special mold removal in Springfield, Missouri. Simply breathing in mold when you try to clean it could cause a health risk. There are products on the market that are supposed to get rid of mold. These products are best for areas where there is a minor amount of fresh mold such as in the shower. Do not attempt to remove mold yourself.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold and preventing it from recurring. The first step in remediation is to find the source of the mold and repair the problem. Once the water is no longer leaking it is best to call a professional for mold removal in Springfield, Missouri. Mold remediation specialists are trained to properly remove and dispose of mold. They use equipment designed for this use and wear protective gear that will keep them safe. All of the mold must be removed, which sometimes means that part of the wall or wood may have to be removed.

Mold can be a difficult substance to remove when it starts to grow in your home. When water gets into your home mold can begin to grow rather quickly, sometimes in just a few days. Contact our team of mold remediation experts at D & S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

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