Water can be very damaging to your home, whether from a flood, a leak or a broken pipe; when you experience this type of damage you need an expert for water damage restoration in Kansas City. While the water will recede, the damage has already begun. The sooner you call a company for water damage restoration in Kansas City the better. You want to avoid mold and mildew that may quickly start to happen in water-soaked carpets and furniture.

Quickly Remove Water and Excess Moisture

The immediate focus needs to be on the removal of excess water and moisture in your home. Water damage restoration in Kansas City starts with water removal. The technicians will use powerful extraction tools to safely remove as much water as possible from the affected items. The process can be used on carpets, furniture, and other belongings. Water extraction uses powerful suction to remove all liquid from the item.

You need to keep mold from growing on your carpets and furniture. Mold grows very quickly and can appear in just a day or two after water exposure. Black mold is the most dangerous but other types of mold are also unhealthy. When mold begins to grow it is difficult to stop it from continuing. The best way to stop it is to remove all of the moisture that it needs to multiply.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

If your carpets or furniture were water-soaked they need assistance to thoroughly dry out. Water gets deep down into the entire carpet, all the way through the cushion and pad. Allowing the carpet to air dry won’t get out the moisture that has permeated it and the result will be mold down under the pad. You won’t see this mold but you and your family can experience negative health consequences such as allergies and respiratory problems.

It may take several passes with a high-powered water removal tool to completely remove excess water from every inch of your carpet. Then, it will still be damp and must continue to dry out completely. Fans and dryers may be helpful in removing the rest of the dampness. In some cases, a mold inhibitor can be applied that will help prevent mold from growing.

Every case is different so it is best to allow the specialist to examine your carpeting to determine the best course of action. Many factors need to be considered such as: how much water was in the carpet, how long the water was there and whether there are already signs of mold or mildew. Then, the technician will not only remove the water but recommend other treatments that might be helpful in the prevention of mold.

If you experienced a flood you need the services of a qualified company for water damage restoration in Kansas City. D & S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists is a full-service water remediation company. We provide 2-hour emergency services to quickly remove water to prevent further problems. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule our expert services at 816-781-6760.

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