Water damage can happen to your home very quickly. Whether from a flood, a leak, a broken pipe or some other source, water in your home can have devastating results. When a disaster occurs, you will be facing damage and loss as well as the possibility of illness. If water infiltrates your home the first step is to seek professional help for water damage restoration in Overland Park.

Water Damage Restoration in Overland Park

It only takes a few minutes for water to completely penetrate most surfaces. When it does, you need to call in a specialist in water damage restoration in Overland Park. If the damage is the result of a flood or other occurrence that is covered by your insurance policy you should contact your provider to file a claim.

You should take photos of the damage before the water recedes if it is safe to do so. As standing water could carry a live electric current, do not walk into it. Instead, wait until the water goes down to make an assessment of damages. You can begin removing water-soaked items from the area. Place them in a designated spot to dry out. Some items can be salvaged while others may need to be discarded.

It is important to begin drying the area out as quickly as possible after the water goes down. Even a couple of days of moisture could cause mold to begin to grow. Once mold begins to grow it might become extremely pervasive and difficult to remove. Therefore, the sooner you start the process the better.

Water Removal and Remediation

Water and excess moisture has to be removed from the affected areas in order to keep mold from growing. Mold can be harmful to your health and it can grow inside walls and under floors in places where you cannot easily see it. It has to be prevented when possible and remediated in areas where it has already taken hold.

Before water can be successfully removed all of the furniture and other items should be removed. Excess water can be removed with special machines that will suck and pump water away from the home. Then, fans and heaters can be utilized to try to dry the area in as little time as possible.

The technician will inspect for mold. If mold is present it must be properly removed using protective gear. Breathing in mold spores can be detrimental to your health and could cause a variety of respiratory problems. Only individuals wearing adequate masks should take part in mold removal.

Once mold is removed a special mold growth inhibitor may need to be applied. This will help keep mold from returning or spreading. If some areas of the home were badly damaged, they may need to be replaced rather than cleaned. For example, some areas of drywall might have to be removed and replaced rather than cleaned. Contact D & S Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services to help clean your home after water damage.

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